Lord of the Rings alphabet: the Argonath

"Great power and majesty they still wore, the silent wardens of the long-vanished kingdom."

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Liu Maochan - a Chinese painter with a touch of French impressionism à la Monmartre. Gorgeous.

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art fave man this artsyle is soooo nice

I’ve been a rabid fan of things before, but I have to detach myself. I remember when I was watching “The Sopranos” I got ill. It had already all come out and I had all the box sets and I found myself watching it non-stop. I had the liberty of time on my side. At one point I was halfway through season 4, I think, and I got out of bed - where I was watching it - and went to the fridge, and I opened the fridge like Tony Soprano did. I was eating like him. And it’s that sort of investment that I’ve spent so much time watching this character that - not intentionally at all - I was acting like him. (x)

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kit harington got cast

I've heard a great deal about you, Fa Mulan. You stole your father's armor, ran away from home, impersonated a soldier, deceived your commanding officer, dishonored the Chinese Army, destroyed my palace, and - you have saved us all.

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disney mulan

➥”Oᴜʀ ᴅᴀʀᴋ-ᴇʏᴇᴅ ғʀɪᴇɴᴅ ʜᴀs ʟᴏsᴛ ɪɴᴛᴇʀᴇsᴛ ɪɴ ʜᴇʟᴘɪɴɢ ʏᴏᴜ.”

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grave of the fireflies this movie will fuck up your happiness for atleast 3 days

"You can’t just be the good guy and expect to live. Not anymore."

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the walking dead twd rick grimes

lotr meme | 6 places + 1 » Edoras [bonus round]

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So in the end
I’ll be what I will be
No loyal friend
Was ever there for me
Now we say goodbye
We say you didn’t try

These tears you cry
Have come too late
Take back the lies
The hurt, the blame
And you will weep
When you face the end alone
You are lost, you can never go home

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lotr long post


Everybody wants to rule the world.

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ac unity
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barely legal pawn I SAW THE VIDEO AND THEY SO NEED TO MAKE IT A SHOW breaking bad cast


#these two are basically in charge of fabletown right now

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fucking nerds i love them so the wolf among us snow white bigby wolf
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parks and rec
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groot gotg


In Eregion the craftsmen of the Gwaith-i-Mírdain, the People of the Jewel-smiths, surpassed in cunning all that have ever wrought, save only Fëanor himself; and indeed greatest in skill among them was Celebrimbor, son of Curufin…

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the silmarillion